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Since 2012 working with amazing couples, Rafael Slovinscki and Jeanine Vidal are a couple of wedding photographers based in Dublin, both with a career in different areas of photography. Since the beginning, wedding and couples have been the main area in their business but this never stopped them to produce pictures for fashion magazines, stories of families and also street photography, all areas related to one specific subject: Love.

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Both grew up in southern Brazil, amazingly influenced by European culture, mostly from Italy and Germany, cultures that give a huge value for art and for being such a big country had the opportunity to travel and get influenced by many different cultures.

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If there's anything that move them for sure will be a wedding day where they know that will be happiness and love between all involved and this passion and love granted for those wedding photographers awarded images but mostly important are the deliver of the images when they have applied so much of their knowledge and people show them appreciation for that.

If you are planning your wedding in Ireland or even in other country, make sure that you choose the best wedding photographer, we'll be please to be there at your big day and on that said, contact us for more information.

Rafael and Jeanine.


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